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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pray for MH370


Please spare few minutes to recite this doa. Lets do our part and pray for MH370.

*Day 5 of MH370 went missing. 

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Siblings get-together


"Having lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends" said Kim Kardashian..and I'm totally agree with her. I come from a big family of 8 siblings and I'm the 3rd. We used to do all the silly and naughty things during our childhood day (except for my eldest sister Kak Nur who was always ma & abah's sweetheart). 

Now that some of us married, we rarely spent time together except during raya or if there's BIG family event like wedding. Unlike hubby's siblings who get to spent most of their weekends together in KL. And so when my siblings decided to come all the way from KL (Kak Nur, Epik, Eji & Awin), Kuantan (Pein & Asyo) and Kelantan (Abe De) to visit my little hut in Johor during the CNY holiday......I feel so excited. 

+- Epik, Asyo, Eji, Abe De -+

+- 6 out of 8 -+

Although this means that we weren't able to attend hubby's newly born niece aqiqah ceremony; but hubby seems to be OK with it....well I guess he did so, just to make sure that his wife stays happy. A happy wife makes a happy family, you don't know meh?

+- annoying super happy faces of moi and Awin-+

I get to welcome all 7 of them plus 4 nieces + 1 nephew + 2 SIL = 14 people into my 2 storey 4 bedroom rented house. It might be a bit packed for others but for us, we used to be in this 'crammed' situation when we were small...thus everyone seems to enjoy being together and the perks of taking turns to use the bathroom doesn't seem to be an issue during the 3 days holidays.

+- bonding time for le cousins -+

As our main intention is just to get together, so I didnt really plan any busy and packed schedule for them while in Johor.  We just went to several places nearby to my house; while most of our free time at home were spent on cooking for 17 people..LOL.

+- buffet breakfast menu of roti canai, spageti goreng, jagung rebus and egg tart-+

These are the places that we've visited during the CNY holiday :-
(1) Wet World Batu Pahat

+- the entrance fee is RM15/person. water is not so clean, but pretty much the kids have lots of fun..and that's what matters the most -+

+- this place is actually just 5 minutes away from my home. jimat masa + minyak + duit tol...LOL -+

(2) Johor Premium Outlet
Of course, I HAD to bring them here. Plus, there were lots of SALE & OFFERS during the CNY holiday; that you can even get up to 70% discount on most of the shop. It was full house on that day that we had to 'fight' to get a table to sit for having lunch. 

+- upon arriving, 'bribe-d' all the kids with ice cream first so they'll behave when mommy get to do some serious shopping later -+

+- them baby-sittings the kids while mommy was M.I.A in the shops -+

+- happy faces after spending money :p -+

(3) Dataran Batu Pahat 
Fiesta Belon Gergasi dan Karnival Kebudayaan was held at Dataran Batu Pahat from 30th Jan to 8th Feb. The boys wanted to went out for karaoke and pool later at night, so only Kak Nur & her kids, SN's family and Epik went to Dataran Batu Pahat for the Fiesta. 

This visit is merely to fulfill my promises to Abg SN that he can play at the Soopa Doopa inflatable games when his cousins come. They (Abg SN, Tini & Fizah) were enjoying their moment of jumping on freely without having worried of being scold by mommy (like when he jumped from on top of sofa to mommy's cushion).

Besides that, they get to catch and hold rabbits as many times and as long as they want for the price of only RM2 per person. As for babies (Husna & SN Jr); they were also enjoying their time of 'catching' bubbles at the Dataran. It's good that we went there at night because the weather was nice and breezy.

+- Right pic : Soopa Doopa inflatable at the back -+
+- Left pic : Abg SN, Tini & Fizah at the rabbit's booth -+

+- 'catching' bubbles -+

Then the 3 days 2 nights holidays finally come to an end. It's time for us to live our life away from each other again and start thinking on a future plan for another family getaway. 

Abg SN suddenly become one grumpy and cranky boy instead of a cheerful and well-behaved boy for the past 3 days. I truly understand that it was just a way for him to show how sad he is for not being able to play with his cousins anymore....and I'm sure he is feeling frustrated for the fact that he'll has to play with his one and only playmate at the mean time a.k.a SN Jr (who never seems to understand the right way of playing with the toys hahahaha). *tunggu ye Abg SN, nanti mommy beranak ramai2 you'll have lots of siblings like me hehehe*

+- Abg SN's gloomy face when everybody leaves our house -+

+- Rosly-Sa'adah's clan : one for the album -+

"Our siblings. They resemble us just enough to make all their differences confusing, and no matter what we choose to make of this, we are cast in relation to them our whole lives long". - Susan Scarf Merrell

Psssttt : it took me 2 weeks to finish this entry, gile ahhhh...sempat tulis 1 ayat je setiap hari bahahha -+

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Unplanned honeymoon in Toulouse, France


This is the continuation of yesterday's entry  Unplanned "honeymoon" in London. As I've mentioned before, I had to be in London and Toulouse for the purpose of academic visit to universities & institutions with another guy lecturer from my department. Thus, hubby was 'forced' to accompany me for the one week trip.

Toulouse lies on the south-western side of France, within the region known as the Midi-Pyrénées. 

The regional capital and known for its large resident population of student and it is also known as "pink city" (La Ville Rose) because of the reflections from the small bricks made from local clay used in many of its older buildings. Their colour varies from red to dark pink, according to the metal content, and gives the city a rosy complexion all of its own, especially in gentle sunlight.

+- pink reflections from the small bricks -+

Toulouse and its region are home to many high-tech aeronautics and aerospace industries. Prestigious schools specializing in this sector are one of the attractive features of this major university cluster which also includes prestigious engineering schools and scientific institutes. More than 35,000 of the innercity's 400,000 citizens work in the civil aviation or space industries; Airbus / EADS is the largest employer in the region.

+- aerospace city -+

So here are some of the places that we've visited during the 3 days 2 nights stay in Toulouse :-

(1)  Toulouse-Matabiau
The main railway station, with regional and national services which is situated right in front of our hotel. We stayed at ibis style hotel which is just 15 minutes walking distance to the center of Toulouse i.e. Capitole.

 +- located exactly in front of the Ibis Style hotel -+

+- Ibis Style Hotel, Toulouse -+

(2) Canal du Midi
The Canal du Midi meaning canal of the two seas is a 241 km long canal in Southern France. The canal runs from the city of Toulouse down to the Étang de Thau near the Mediterranean.

+- breathtaking view of Canal du Midi -+

(3) Capitole
The Capitole is the heart of the municipal administration of Toulouse. It houses the city hall, as well as the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse opera company and a symphony orchestra. The Salle des Illustres contains 19th century works of art.

+- Capitole station -+

 +- one of the landmark building in Toulouse *I forgot the name* -+

 +- inside the city hall -+

 +- orang suruh menghayati lukisan, bukan menghayati kerusi :p -+

 +- orang suruh menghayati lukisan, bukan suruh posing :p -+

+- at the heart of Capitole -+ 

+- cookies, anyone? -+ 

+- Capitole Square -+

+- Capitolium -+

(4) Musée des Augustins
The Musée des Augustins de Toulouse is a fine arts museum in Toulouse, France which conserves a collection of sculpture and paintings from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. The paintings are from throughout France, the sculptures representing Occitan culture of the region with a particularly rich assemblage of Romanesque sculpture. Tapi kitorang tak masuk pon, posing kat luar je eheh.

+- posing depan pintu je -+

(5) Cathedrale St-Etienne
Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Toulouse is a Roman Catholic cathedral, and a national monument of France, located in the city of Toulouse. Only hubby & my colleague enter the cathedral while I waited outside and thinking on whether I should buy myself a LV handbag as the boutique is located nearby to the cathedral. Last2 tak beli pun, sebab errr sebab tak dapat restu dari incik hubby ngeeee

+- in front of Cathédrale Saint-Étienne -+

+- senyum tak ikhlas sebab kepala duk terbayang2 henbeg LV kat butik depan mata -+

(6) Pont Neuf
The Pont Neuf, French for "New Bridge" is a 16th-century bridge in Toulouse. The bridge is not symmetrical; the longest arch is the third from the right-hand bank. It is 220m long, and has 7 arches. 

+- gambar tak terang sangat, guna kamera ipong je -+

Thankfully although it was in the Autumn season, the weather was not as cold as in London during the day. Dapatlah jalan2 tak payah pakai jaket tebal sangat.

+- dua orang ni siap pakai short sleeve t-shirt lagi -+

+- jaket pegang kat tangan je -+

To me, there's not much to explore in Toulouse and it is not really a tourism city like London or Paris. Also, the souvenirs sold here is not as cheap as the one sold in London or Paris. But the view of the Canal du Midi is breathtaking thus Toulouse is a city suitable for those who wanted to enjoy the nature. 

Pssstt : Johor tak cuti pun hari ni, eh tapi takpe sebab mulai 1 Januari 2014 hari bekerja ialah Isnin-Khamis yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

#info gathers from TripAdvisor

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